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We are a Level 25 guild on Illidan

First off we just want to welcome you to our site. We are very excited about getting things rolling on Illidan. First a little info about us. We are a group of 4 friends that came from Dark Iron. Original name of the guild was Methodical. We are a very strong raiding group. We were doing great on the last server until some real life issues got in the way. at that time we disbanded raiding until we could get everything back up and running. so here we are. We were 12/12 and we have people that are 7/7 Experience in Firelands. So we have the experience and the drive to be a great guild. 

Now for some of the expectations we will be setting for the guild raids. We expect no missing raids unless absolutely necessary. Also make sure that you and your character are ready for the fight we are going for that night. You MUST know the fights through and through. we do not like dumb mistakes or standing in fire. Must be correctly gemmed and enchanted before the raid times start. Since we are only raiding 2 nights a week at the moment we expect your very best on every fight. If you are to be missing a raid 3 weeks in a row you will be removed from the raid group until you have earned your spot back.

Thank you,


If you are a new registrant please sign up to this page, then post in the these fourms if applicable:

Guild rules and regulations
Raid application
PvP Application
Recruitment Guidelines

Thank you for your time hope to see you soon!

- Andastra

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